Monday, February 2, 2009

Beautiful Day here in Virginia!

Today was just as nice here as could be! It was in the 60's, which is fantastic for the beginning of Febuary! I finally was able to get to the stables and go for a horse ride! My horse's name is Wyatt,an 8yr old, 17h Spotted Tennessee Walking Horse. We have had him since he was 22mo. old. He was slow to mature, so I didn't ride him a whole lot, just to remind him of his manners and his lessons.
He has turned out to be a very nice mannered, sane horse! I rode on trail with a friend at the stables. He also has a TWH and the two got along great. We crossed ditches, passed Nutreas in some of the water ditches, saw some deer and managed to not have the horses jump out of their skins!
It felt so good to get out in my saddle again, it has been quite a few months since I was able to saddle up my horse!
Since the weather was so nice today, it is something to be treasured, a gift! It was the nicest ride in a good long time! So this will be a great memory.

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Linda said...

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