Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Horse all Drugged!

This is a photo of my horse, Wyatt. He had rain rot in lots of places. The vet said rain rot starts as a fungus and becomes bacterial infections. We ended up drugging him because, it is painful to touch those areas. Wyatt is very easy to drug, this photo is less than 5 minutes after the shot!
He went to a safe and happy place for him, his food dish! He stayed with the dish holding up his head for about 45 minutes! I couldn't resist and took a picture of him. We had to shave quite a few areas so his thick coat wouldn't reinfect the areas. So this was a good thing and got it all done. Hopefully, day after tomorrow it will be much improved. Wyatt is such a good boy.

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Tuscan landscape

Tuscan landscape
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