Thursday, November 13, 2008

Painting a dining room

We painted a dining room at the oceanfront these past 2 days. We started out by painting it a dark red. We matched the tone of the red to the carpet that is in the room. Of course, the red took 2 coats. If the red was the only color going up on the wall, we would had to put another coat on the walls. We added a metallic gold and a metallic copper. We used 2 different color golds. One is brigher and shows up a bit more. The wall has a marble effect.

The customer had painted the ceiling the brighter gold, so we wanted to bring that into the walls. This dining room was in the center of the house with 2 large doorways and one smaller door. They have a very large china cabinet and a couple of very large prints.

We will be adding photos in the near future. We wanted to take the photos once the furniture is moved back into place.

My nails are all metallic gold and copper. I look like I have the Midas touch!

When we came out of the house, we found the truck in 5 inches of water! We had so much rain today! So I had to wade through the water to get into the truck, ugh! We are supposed to have more rain for the next 2 days.

The only problem with all of this rain, is my german shepherds. They run in the backyard and are covered with mud! So for the next few days, I will have to stop them at the back door and wipe off their feet. Of course, they like to make a mad dash through the house if not stopped in time! Oh well, off to work again tomorrow.

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