Sunday, November 9, 2008

We had a good time last weekend in Richmond at the Equine Extravaganza show. It was a smaller show, but we met a lot of people. Lots of interest in doing pet portraits! We have already gotten a customer wanting a tray with her dogs on it.

This is a view of our booth at the show. We are always afraid that we don't have enough stuff to put in the booth. We are always having to stack items, because we have too much!

I like to move things around in the booth. There are so many things in there, that a customer can't really see it all. So, when something sells, there is a hole, and I move it all around! Sometimes I feel like the mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland at the tea party-Move Down move down!

We haven't made any show plans for the 2009 season. We are waiting to see how things go with the economy. I know there will be openings in any one we wanted to attend.
The booth fees in all of the shows have gotten so high and have gone up again!

We are still painting as much as we usually do, so we will have lots of stock. We hope to list more here and also get our website up and running.
We have 2 sheds of furniture to go through!


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Your booth looks great! Brings back memories of the two big shows I did once upon a time. That's a lot of work!

Carol Buck & Dottie Martz said...

thanks! Lots of work, luckily I have company with my mom! We love to people watch and always have a good time at the shows. Thank you for your comment!

Linda said...

Wonderful, amazing works Carol

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